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Learn how to protect your Windows PC from malware and other threats by using application control, and monitoring executable behaviors.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft reports that normal everyday people like yourself are the greatest vulnerability to an organizations’ security. This means that normal people like you, using Windows PCs, are most likely to be the ones who accidentally pick up spyware or malware.

So, what can you do about it?

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself, and it’s not difficult. Scroll down to learn how to immediately begin protecting yourself from malware, spyware, and other PC threats.

And don’t worry… we won’t waste your time. These are new and unique PC Security methods based on modern 2023 Windows security technologies that anyone can use, from beginners, to PC Security Pros.

Use “Application Control” technology for instant PC protection

Learn how to take control over what apps (executables) are allowed to start on your PC. Taking this first simple step prevents malicious programs from ever starting! See how IT Pros use application control for cybersecurity, and learn how you can quickly, and easily, do the same.

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Application Control Windows Security
Executable Search Example

What’s that .exe (process) running on my PC?

Quickly evaluate executables (windows apps) and get an idea of they may be a threat or not.

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Windows Process Search Files

SpyShelter's Executable Database

Browse SpyShelter's constantly updating real-time executable (process) informational resource.

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Why you should protect the Windows Registry and how to do it

Malicious apps can wreak havoc on a PC with an unprotected registry.

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Windows Registry Protection

How to use SpyShelter for extra PC protection

Our team made SpyShelter to give people like you extra protection from spyware and other threats. Learn to use SpyShelter’s 100% free features to instantly give yourself extra protection.

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SpyShelter Protect Yourself From Spyware

How to block screenshots (screencapture) on Windows PCs

Privacy concerns around unauthorized screenshot capturing have been making headlines lately. From Microsoft's new "Recall" AI feature in CoPilot that records everything on your PC, to long-standing spyware threats – your digital privacy is under attack.

At SpyShelter, we've been safeguarding users against spyware and privacy-violating apps for over 15 years. Our free software offers a robust "Screenshot Protection" feature to fight back.

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SpyShelter Prevent Screenshots

Why should you trust us?

Our team at SpyShelter has been studying Windows PC executables for over 15 years, to help fight against spyware, malware, and other threats. SpyShelter has been featured in publications like The Register, PC Magazine, and many others. Now we’re working to share free, actionable, and easy to understand information about Windows executables (processes) with the world, to help as many people as possible keep their devices safe. Learn more about us on our "About SpyShelter” page.

Have any questions? Please join our free public SpyShelter PC Security Forum and talk cybersecurity with our USA-based team. We love talking about PC Security and we’d like to get to know you.

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