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SpyShelter acts as your personal digital detective, making invisible app activities visible. Expose and prevent hidden spyware in real-time. Check your PC for spyware now with SpyShelter.

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Extra Protection, Not an Antivirus

Our unique technology doesn't conflict with Windows Defender or other antiviruses. SpyShelter sits on top of your antivirus, providing extra visibility into hidden activities, and giving you full control of your apps. With SpyShelter, you decide what your apps are allowed to do.

SpyShelter Antispyware Detecting Hidden Threats
Stop Threats from Starting

Stop Threats from Starting

SpyShelter Antispyware Detects And Stops Threat SpyShelter's anti-spyware technology closely watches every time an executable tries to start on your machine, then instantly smacks down threats before they can even start. Get full control over what applications you allow to start with SpyShelter’s powerful application control technology.
SpyShelter Antispyware Detects And Stops Threat
SpyShelter Free Antikeylogger Antiscreenshot
Built-in Intrusion Countermeasures

Built-in Intrusion Countermeasures

SpyShelter Free Antikeylogger Antiscreenshot Already have spyware? SpyShelter has built-in intrusion countermeasures built-in to help protect your data. Turn on SpyShelter's Screenshot Protection Setting to foil hidden screen recorders. The screen recording spyware will only end up with worthless black images due to our anti-screenshot technology.
Find and Terminate Resource Hogs

Find and Terminate Resource Hogs

Monitor PC Executable Behavior Did you know that the Windows Task Manager doesn't catch Windows processes that start/stop within milliseconds? We were surprised to learn this also, but SpyShelter catches these hidden Windows processes and reveals them to you. Not only is SpyShelter light on resources, we help your PC avoid slowdowns by revealing resource hogs that are crashing your PC, or making it slow to a crawl. Use SpyShelter to reveal when privacy-violating apps are acting suspiciously, to hide from the Task Manager.
Monitor PC Executable Behavior
PC Application Control
Expose Hidden Threats & Badly Behaving Apps

Expose Hidden Threats & Badly Behaving Apps

PC Application Control Nothing gets past SpyShelter's antispyware monitoring. See what executables are running, and learn exactly what they're doing. Are they accessing your camera or microphone? SpyShelter shows you. Is an app changing your important registry keys? SpyShelter reveals everything, and gives you full application control to stop unexpected behavior from Windows processes. Don't you deserve to know what apps are doing to your PC? We think your privacy and security matters, and that's why we created SpyShelter.
Terminal SpyShelter Antispyware Control

Kill Malware from the Terminal

PC SpyShelter Antispyware Terminal Screenshot

Are you a heavy Terminal user? SpyShelter can be fully controlled from the Windows Terminal. Decide what processes are allowed to run with full application control on your PC, directly from a command line interface. Avoid using our UI at all if you prefer.

PC SpyShelter Antispyware Terminal Screenshot

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