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Our Story

While working in the software industry we became frustrated with constantly fighting against spyware, resource hogs, keyloggers, adware, file destroyers, and other types of threats and time-wasters.

We were unhappy with the other security software that was out there, so we decided to build something for ourselves.

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Our goal was to build something that could quickly reveal and stop bad executables (bad apps). After many months of hard work, determination, and experimentation, we invented a new type of advanced monitoring and control system for PC executables.

In our experiments with this new unique technology, we found we could detect and stop many types of dangerous executables before they could even start. We called our new unique executable-control technology “SpyShelter” because we found it was most useful for detecting and killing spyware.

Once we were satisfied with what we built, we shared SpyShelter with our colleagues, friends, and families. We were excited to learn that our colleagues, friends, and family members not only LOVED SpyShelter, but they shared it with others, and those people shared it, and so on… and the rest is history.

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Contact SpyShelter in Austin, Texas USA by emailing our contact page, or post in our forum to talk with our team and other SpyShelter fans.

Jon Hundley is the current President of SpyShelter. He started working with Windows security applications over 10 years ago, where his first network security related application grew to over 40 million downloads. Mr. Hundley now focuses all his time and attention on the SpyShelter project. Email Jon by using the email address on our contact page.

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We created SpyShelter as something we wanted for ourselves to protect our own devices, and we hope that SpyShelter can help protect you too! Please give SpyShelter a try, and join our community of SpyShelter fans so we can all learn how to protect our data and devices together. Has SpyShelter helped you? If so, please consider purchasing so we can keep improving SpyShelter.

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