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We pay for bugs!

We're a smaller sized company with a small intimate team, but we do feel it’s important to pay for bugs and that’s why we have a bug bounty program.

Find an issue with our SpyShelter software? Please email our helpdesk with the subject "Bug Bounty" and include details on what's wrong. If our QA team can confirm the bug we'll consider paying out a small bounty, and we will eventually list your bug on our website as fixed, and give you credit.

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Find a Website Bug?

We prefer our bug bounties be focused on our actual software. We purposedly avoid storing user data on our website, but if you do find a real issue with our own website (not our billing company or some other third party website we don’t host) we would consider paying a bounty.

Contact our helpdesk with "Bug Bounty" in the subject to get started.

Out of Scope Items

We use third party systems for parts of our website, like our forum, or billing system. If you find a forum bug or a web bug due to a platform we are using please let us know if the issue, but then please contact the third party system (Discourse) so they can fix the issue.

We can't rewrite the Discourse forum software to fix it, for example. We can't pay for bugs on third party systems, but instead we pay for bugs on our SpyShelter software.

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