What is SpyShelter?

SpyShelter is an antispyware application for Windows PCs designed to provide real-time protection against various forms of malware, spyware, and cyber threats, particularly those that attempt to log your keystrokes or access sensitive data. It is known for its anti-keylogging features, which protect against keyloggers, a type of malware that records the keys you press on your keyboard to steal passwords and other sensitive information.

SpyShelter also has powerful application control features that allow the user to control what their apps can do, and when. For example, SpyShelter can prevent certain suspicious apps from launching at all, or allow them to launch, yet prevent certain dangerous behaviors (like driver installs, or Windows System changes).

Download SpyShelter now (opens in a new tab) and start protecting your PC from spyware now! If you’re a newbie use our “Easy” mode, and if you’re a power user try out our more powerful “Suspicious” or “Paranoid” modes.