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SpyShelter Privacy Policy

Our team has been fighting Spyware and Malware for over 15 years. We work hard to help protect your privacy with our SpyShelter security Software.

SpyShelter only collects the minimal amount of information necessary to help protect you from online threats. You may have seen in the news that some antivirus companies collect detailed network activity of their users, then sell that data to third parties. We think that behavior is dispicable. Our SpyShelter Software collects zero network activity, or any other details about your system that can be linked directly to you.

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How is SpyShelter different from other security applications?

We collect no network information (for example, we don’t collect what websites you visit), and we don’t analyze personal files, documents, images, or any other non-executable information. The SpyShelter Software has no ability to monitor your network activity in any way, locally, or remotely.

What information does the SpyShelter Software collect?

Executable (an executable could be described as an application that runs on a computer) hashes, executable publishers, executable names, version numbers, file size, along with any other useful Microsoft Windows file properties that we can use to protect you from threats. We then check these executable details against our known up-to-date executable threat list, so we can quarantine known threats before they can start on your PC. In case of a potential unknown exploit, we may upload a copy of the exploit to further analyze, and quarantine it effectively.

If you don’t want your files checked for threats you can go to SpyShelter’s “Protection” window, and switch off our threat protection (the top option). If you are a free SpyShelter user and your free trial ended, we will also no longer check your executables.

The SpyShelter Software doesn’t look at or analyze documents or any other files that are not executables. For example, if you had images or documents on your PC, SpyShelter has no way to check these files. Our Software focuses on analyzing executables only unlike other security applications that may analyze your files or even upload documents and images in some cases.

We also collect information to understand if you are a free or paid user. If you are a paid user, we look at your activation code to make sure it’s legitimate. Your activation code is not linked to any executable data.

Billing & Software Activation

For our software sales we use a third party billing company. The main billing company we use is 2Checkout. 2Checkout is based in the EU and follows all EU and US privacy laws (among many other required privacy laws in the area 2Checkout operates). You can find more details about their privacy policy here https://www.2checkout.com/legal/privacy/. We at SpyShelter never have access to your credit card number or any other billing information.

For our activation code system, we use a third party service called Cryptlex and their privacy policy can be found here https://docs.cryptlex.com/legal/privacy-policy.

Email Newsletter

We use Mailchimp.com (owned by Intuit) for our email newsletter. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be found here https://www.intuit.com/privacy/statement/.


We use the Discourse forum Software that we host on our own web servers we control, and we collect your email, login/password, along with a partial IP and minimal information we need to protect the forum from online attacks or spam. If you post something on the forum it will be available to the public for public reading, so please do not post any identifiable information. If you need help removing a post please contact our helpdesk so we can assist you as soon as possible.

Support Team

If you email us, we may receive your email and use it to correspond with you to assist you with SpyShelter.

GDPR and California CCPA

We follow all GDPR and California CCPA laws.

Data Protection Officer

Please contact our helpdesk to talk to our official data protection officer by making the email subject "Data Protection Officer".

GDPR & CCPA Details

Our lawful reason to process any user data is to help our customers purchase our SpyShelter Software, remediate online threats, or assist customers with technical support. We only retain user data as long as it is needed for legitimate purposes, such as sales billing or information about known executable threats.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use our Software.

SpyShelter is designed with privacy and security in mind, and our Software collects the minimal amount of information we can collect to do an effective job.

Our software doesn't collect identifiable data, therefore it cannot be shared with third parties. If we did inadvertantly collect identifiable data through our software or website we would not shrae it with third parties. Our billing company collects identifiable data in order to allow purchases of our software and their information is above.

Email our helpdesk to receive a copy of any data we have collected on you.

You have the right to ask that the information we sent you be updated.

You have the right to request that your data be erased (if we have any) by contacting our helpdesk.

You have the right to restrict processing by contacting our helpdesk.

You have the right to data portability. However, the SpyShelter Software does not collect any identifiable data.

You have the right to object as agreed to in the GDPR, by contacting our helpdesk.

You have rights related to automated decision making including profiling.

You must give us consent to install the SpyShelter Software.

In case of a data breach that could contain your personal information, you will be notified. However, we collect no personal information with the SpyShelter Software.

Our company has a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) that we review regularly. Our team has gone through GDPR awareness and training.

We follow all data transfer guidelines.

We do not sell user personal information.

SpyShelter participates in a Bug Bounty program to find and fix any known security weaknesses with our Software and websites.

Have more privacy questions?

Please contact our official data protection officer at our helpdesk. We will treat you fairly and assist you as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy Last updated November 1, 2023